For most people buying a bed is serious business. It’s necessary to avoid any disappointment and choose the right one.

We asked Muji bed users for some reviews. Here is the ranking of the best Muji beds!

Let’s hear the real words from them.


Muji bed ranking


Here is the result from 100 Muji bed users.

Muji bed ranking
No.1:Pine bed frame ★★★★☆4.23パインNo.2:Oak platform bed/Walnut platform bed ★★★★☆4.17ウォールナットNo.3:Mattress with legs ★★★★☆4.09
脚付きNo.4:Oak loft bed ★★★★☆4.00オーク材ハイNo.5:Sofa bed ★★★☆☆3.87ソファベッドNo.5:Bed with storage ★★★☆☆3.87収納ベッドNo.7:Oak bed frame ★★★☆☆3.00オーク材1段

Muji bed reviews

【No.1:Pine bed frame ★★★★☆4.23】


Item Pine bed frame
Price 15.000 yen (inc. tax)
Size W100.5/D201.5/H58
Sale Price 15,000yen→13,500yen


User reviews of pine bed frame

Female, 30s

It’s very sturdy and free from creaky noise so I can feel safe. The width is good enough to stretch my arms and legs.


Good: The simple design matches my existing furniture. A nice kind of aromatic scent from the wooden material is relaxing.


Bad: The space under the bed is too small for storage. It gets dusty easily and difficult to clean.


Female, 40s

The colour of the pine wood is nice and helps making harmony with other furniture. I like the simple design as well.


Good: Warm white pine wood colour. Simple design. Easy to move. Easy to assemble. Compact size.


Bad: I get worried a bit about creaky noises when I roll over. I think the durability is poor, it won’t last long.


No.2:Oak platform bed/Walnut platform bed ★★★★☆4.17】




Item Oak platform bed/Walnut platform bed
  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
Sale Price 10%OFF
User reviews of Oak platform bed/Walnut platform bed

Male, 20s ★★★★☆

I’ve been using this wooden bed since I was a pupil at elementary school. I’m quite satisfied as it’s sturdy and comfortable to sleep on. If I dare to say, I want to sleep on a soft one like hotel so it’s 4 stars for me.


Good: More than enough size for a 170cm tall man like me. Durability is still amazing after 18 years of use.


Bad: It’s not soft enough compare to hotel beds. I want to seek the best way to have better sleep so softness does matter to me.


Female, 30s ★★★★☆

I quite like this bed as it matches my room. The reason I bought this was the texture of the wood. I’m satisfied so far.


Good: The natural wood texture matches any style of the room. The simplicity of the design never gets boring.


Bad: If I dare to say, the price was expensive. Other furniture shops had similar design and the cost almost half.

No.3:Mattress with legs ★★★★☆4.09】



Item Mattress with legs
Price Pocket spring

  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double

Bonnell spring

  • Single

What are the pocket/bonnell springs?

Size Pocket spring

  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double

Bonnell spring

  • Single
Sale Price 10%OFF


User reviews of Muji mattress with legs

Female, 30s ★★★★☆

Muji products are simple, not boring, and last long. Also the removable legs are a bonus to me. I’m happy to have this bed.


Good: The legs are removable so it can be used either a bed or a mattress. That really helped especially when my child was small. For babies laying down on a mattress is safer than a bed.


Bad: I wish the length was a couple of centimetres longer. It was too short for my tall husband.


Female, 30s ★★★★☆

When I bought this bed, I lived in a flat on my own. In spite of the limited space there were no invasion and cramped feeling. Maintenance is easy as well.



・Space saving.

・No cramped feeling.

・Easy maintenance.

・Can use Muji storage cases under the bed.

・Comfortable feeling.

・No creaky noise when rolling over.



・Bed sheets from other brands might not fit.

・Wider range of leg materials such as stainless would be great.

No.4:Oak loft bed ★★★★☆4.00】


Item Oak loft bed
Price 72,000yen (
Size W87.5/D204/H187
Sale Price  10%OFF


User reviews of Oak loft bed

Male, 20s ★★★★☆

The design is fancy. We can use space more efficiently as well. My child and I are very happy.


Good: Most beneficial point is the space under the bed. I bought this for my child, and our kid’s room has become more spacious.


Bad: The price is more expensive than I thought. It’s a shame that doesn’t look classy for the price.

No.5:Sofa bed ★★★☆☆3.87】



Item Sofa bed
Price Bed frame

  • Oak 27,000 yen
  • Walnut 32,000 yen


  • Oak 38,000 yen
  • Walnut 45,000 yen
Size W85.5/D202/H25.5
Sale Price 10%OFF
User reviews of Muji sofa bed

Male. 20s ★★★★☆

I can tell the quality of the material is very high. However, I think heat transfer capability is poor especially during summer.


Good: It does a good job as a bed. Although the quick-drying property is poor, but elasticity is very impressive which allows me to have a comfortable night’s sleep.


Bad: It does need a better quick-drying property. As a consumer, it would be great if they had colour variations.


Female, 40s ★★★★☆

We have this product in our bedroom. Needless to say, I can sit down and relax when I want to. I can also lay down when I want to. I like it.


Good: Our place is not big so we can save some space. The design is simple but not boring. I’m happy to have this.


Bad: There is nothing to complain really. I find it difficult to put it in sofa position as it doesn’t go smoothly sometimes but it’s not a big problem.

No.5:Bed with storage ★★★☆☆3.87】




Item Bed with storage
  • Small・Oak 32000 yen
  • Single・Oak    34,000 yen
  • Semi-double・Oak 39,000 yen
  • Double・Oak 44,000 yen
  • Small・Walnut 37000 yen
  • Single・Walnut 39,000 yen
  • Semi-double・Walnut 44,000 yen
  • Double・Walnut 49,000 yen
  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
Sale Price  10%OFF
User reviews of Muji bed with storage

Female, 30s ★★★★☆

It’s been about 15 years since I bought this bed and I still am using it with no problem. Considering the quality, the price is quite reasonable. Very good product.


Good: Value for money. Very tough. The simple design matches any taste of room.


Bad: There is storage under the bed for which the lid is the slatted base. If the bed is near the window the colour of items inside get changed because of the direct sunlight coming through the gaps.


Female, 60s ★★★★★

The storage is more spacious than I expected. It really helps. My child’s room was messy with his clothes but now all tidied!


Good: Plenty of storage space. The simple design matches any taste of room and the wooden material helps the atmosphere to feel cosy.


Bad: I can’t see any bad point. I try not to put too many clothes in as the drawer won’t shut properly if I do that. The storage is so tempting.

No.7:Oak bed frame ★★★☆☆3.00】



Item Oak bed frame
  • Small 37,000 yen
  • Single 39,000 yen
  • Semi-double 55,000 yen
  • Double 65,000 yen
  • Queen 75,000 yen
  • Small
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
  • Queen
Sale Price 10%OFF


User reviews of Oak bed frame

Female, 30s ★★☆☆☆

I think it makes more creaky noise compared to my previous bed from another shop. The noise can be heard when I roll over, sometimes waking me up. The wood grain is coming off as well. I bought this bed when I moved in and it’s getting worn out after 5 years of use.


Good: I can’t give any good point, to be honest. The bottom board is a slatted base so I think it prevents mold. That’s the only good point.


Bad: The creaky noise! Now I’m getting used to it but I still wake up sometimes. It was so quick that the wood grain came off as well. It can’t be helped as this product is cheaper than other Muji beds. Although the old one was even cheaper but it had better quality. I like Muji products generally but not beds. I regret it.


Male, 20s ★★★★☆

Self-assembly furniture is convenient for me as my job requires relocation often. Easy assembling and dismantling won’t delay the moving procedure, which means I can ask moving agent to do it.


Good: The bottom board is a slatted base. Air can go through the board so mattress doesn’t get moldy caused by night sweat, for example,


Bad: Depends on the thickness of the mattress but for some people like women and children might feel the height is too much. Other than that, I can’t see any demerits.