When you buy a sofa, you want to choose it carefully because it’s not cheap and you don’t want to regret what you bought.

In this article, we surveyed people who bought sofas at MUJIRUSHIRYOHIN, and we summarized their reviews by their rankings.

You’ll find what the people who bought a sofa at MUJIRUSHIRYOHIN really think.




Below is the result of questionnaires for 100 people.


No.1: Wide arm sofa, Leather Wide arm sofa ★★★★☆4.45



No.2: Sofa bench ★★★★☆4.17



No.3: Bean bag sofa ★★★★☆4.16



No.4: Sectional sofa ★★★★☆4.00



No.4: Living/dining room sofa ★★★★☆4.00




No.6: Reclining sofa ★★★☆☆3.83



No.7: Slim arm sofa ★★★☆☆2.67




Reviews about MUJIRUSHIRYOHIN sofa

【No.1: Wide arm sofa, Leather Wide arm sofa Reviews ★★★★☆4.45】



Item 3-seater・wide arm・down feather pocket coil cushion
  •  93000 yen(tax included)
  • 220Wx88.5Dx79.5Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF

93,000yen→83,700yen(about 10,000yen down!)

Reviews about Wide arm sofa, Leather Wide arm sofa

Female 30s  ★★★★☆

The cushion is made of pocket coils and I feel so comfortable! It is as comfortable as the bed, I lie down and sometimes I fall asleep. I bought the two-seater, wide arm sofa. It’s big enough to lie down and convenient to rest my head or put something on the wide arms.

〇The cushion is rather hard so my body doesn’t sink too much. The cover is removable and washable, so I feel clean.

✕I want to purchase a new cover but it’s a little expensive. The cover fits very tight and I had a hard time putting it on.

Female 20s         ★★★★★

Three can sit comfortably. I like it because I could choose my favorite color, and it’s prefect for my room atmosphere.

〇I’m happy because it’s inexpensive and you can choose the color and material of the cover.

No.2: Sofa bench Reviews  ★★★★☆4.17


Item  Sofa bench
  • 65000 yen(tax included)
  • 180Wx90Dx60.5Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF

65000yen→58,500yen(6,500yen down!)

Reviews about Sofa bench

 Male 30s              ★★★★★Price is reasonable, design is simple and it fits anywhere. I can lie down and relax on it. I’m satisfied.

〇It’s not that tall so the room looks open, nice sofa.

✕You can lie down and relax but it looks a little sloppy.

Female  30s           ★★★★☆

It’s not too tall or too short, it’s just right. I like its rounded design, not too sharp.

〇Price is reasonable, design is simple and it fits anywhere. I can lie down and relax comfortably.

✕The legs are getting lose and I have to be careful sitting on it. I expected them to be much stronger.


【No.3: Bean bag sofa Reviews    ★★★★☆4.16】



Item Bean bag sofa
  •  9800 yen(Tax included)
  • 55Wx65Dx38Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF

9,800yen→7,056yen(about 3,000yen down!)

Reviews about Bean bag sofa

 Female  30s    ★★★☆☆I have a little complaint because my body sinks too deep. I think it’s good for young people but not for the elderly. When you sit down and get up, the huge difference in elevation is difficult for old people.

〇It’s light and easy to move when cleaning the room. Good point is even a woman can lift it, you can clean under the sofa.

✕Inside the sofa is full of beads, it’s really soft and you may sink deep. You need a little trick when you get up. I had a backache after sitting for a while.

Male  20s       ★★★★☆

I was so satisfied with the comfort for a while but with frequent use, the sofa aged so fast and it eventually got uncomfortable.

〇When sitting, I’m so comfortable. The size is perfect in my small room.

✕The sofa compressed quicker than I expected. It absorbed dirt and dust on the floor and I had a hard time cleaning it.

【No.4 :  Sectional sofa Reviews  ★★★★☆4.00】


Item Sectional sofa
  • 30000 yen(Tax included)
  • 95Wx82Dx66Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF
Reviews about Sectional sofa

Male  50s    ★★★★☆You can rearrange the sofa in many ways matching the size of your room or the layout of the room.

〇Usually I put them in sideways and lie down to relax but I separate them for the visitors.

✕As I use two sectionals, they’re gradually sliding apart and get a crack in between.

Female  20s    ★★★★☆

There’re many ways you can arrange sectionals and enjoy various layouts.

〇Comfortable to sit on. It’s nice to remove and wash the cover.

✕The unit slides a little.

【No.4 : Living/dining room sofa Reviews ★★★★☆4.00】



Item Sofa usable series for both living room and dining room
  • 25000 yen(Tax included)
  • 55Wx78Dx77Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF
Reviews about Living/dining room sofa

Female  30s    ★★★★☆

Comfortable and very easy to sit on. I like its simple design. I’ve been using it for more than two years, it can’t be helped the fabric is getting worn, but other than that it’s pretty tough.

〇Comfortable to sit on and I like its simple design. The wood structure is stable and lasts for a long time.

✕It’s not suitable for a large number of people.

Male   30s      ★★★★☆

The best part is you can adjust the angle as you like, sometimes I can sleep on it.

〇You can keep your favorite angle. It fits your body well and is comfortable for a long time. It’s moderately firm so you probably won’t have a backache.

【No.6 : Reclining sofa Reviews    ★★★☆☆3.83】



Item Reclining sofa
Price  [1-seater]

30000yen (Tax included)



Seat of a sofa : 1 seat  73x63x30cm

Price : 50000 yen(Tax included)

*1-seater,  2-seater are sold out   Below is a price for the cover

  • Plain weaved, Hemp&cotton high back reclining sofa    13300yen
  • Plain weaved, Hemp&cotton high back reclining sofa    13300yen
  • Plain weaved, Cotton high back reclining sofa      15000yen
  • Plain weaved, Cotton high back reclining sofa   15000yen
  • Pattern weaved, Cotton&polyester high back reclining sofa     19000yen
  • Pattern weaved, Cotton&polyester high back reclining sofa     19000yen
  • [1-seater] 74Wx100Dx93Hcm Seat of a sofa : 73x63x30cm
  • [2-seater] 148Wx100Dx93Hcm Seat of a sofa : 1 seat 73x63x30cm
Sale Price  10%OFF
Reviews about Reclining sofa  

Male  40s   ★★★★☆

High quality cushioning. The seat and back are big enough to hold your body and very comfortable to sit on.

〇The seat fits your bottom and you’ll never slide or be tired after long sitting. You can choose your best position by adjusting the back and head rest angle.

✕I’m not happy because the cover is washable but it’s too big for a small washer. The cover is also very expensive and you can buy a cheap sofa at NITORI or IKEA for the same amount of money.

Male  30th    ★★☆☆☆

I don’t think it will last for a long time and you will need to replace it after a while. It’s not suitable for a large number of people.

〇The best thing is you can adjust it to your favorite angle and keep it that way. I feel so comfortable and sometimes I fall asleep on it.

✕It’s not for many people but mainly for a single person. It doesn’t last long, the cushion sinks in and you can’t sit on it for a long time.

【No.7 : Slim arm sofa Reviews  ★★★☆☆2.67】



Item Slim arm sofa
  • Feather pocket coil cushion : 63,000 yen
  • Urethan cushion : 38,000 yen
  • 169Wx87.5Dx75Hcm
Sale Price  10%OFF
Reviews about Slim arm sofa

Female  30s   ★★★☆☆

The price is suitable for its quality, it’s not super comfortable but it’s OK.

〇It doesn’t look cheap for the price. The cover is replaceable so you don’t have to worry about the pets making a mess.

✕I bought the Urethan cushion sofa and it sank in right away. I should have chosen pocket coil cushion even though it costs a little more.

Female  40s   ★★★☆☆

I bought it because of its simple design and it looked suitable for any room. Nothing special-it’s just an ordinary sofa.

〇It’s simple and suitable for any room. Good point is you can choose the cover.

✕I don’t have a special impression about its comfort, it’s just a normal chair. I wish the price was much cheaper.